There are five short vowels - a (as in apple), e (as in egg),  i  (as in inch worm), o (as in on),  u (as in up). Our kit contains three sets of lessons for each short vowel and ck. You get 180 beautifully crafted cards in all!
We sound out a word shown by a picture card slowly.  We pick out the beginning, middle and final sounds and represent each sound with the letter cards provided to spell the word.  Later, we match the spelled word with a single word card. In each of these lessons we provide you 4 carefully selected 5.5” x 5.5” image cards and the corresponding word cards, but unique to our set of materials are individual letter cards for word building exercises. We also provide a game card and a solution card and even an additional words card to continue with the lesson far down the road.
Cards come to you perforated  so you can separate them when you get them.

Lesson 5 - Short Vowels


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Art immitates life. Our sweet Emma is joy in our Lesson 9 Diphthongs Booklet.

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