Our Love of Learning reading kit is a self-paced,

hands-on experience in a multi-aged grouping,

beautifully crafted, developmentally appropriate material

for a thoughtful learning environment

where cooperation - not competition - is the rule.


This is one set of Lesson 5 Short e cards. You get 4 Image cards, 4 complete word cards, moveable letters to spell each of the 4 words, a matching game card, a solution card and an additional words card. We've also given you access to evaluation sheets for each of these lessons as well as books to read to cover each of these lessons. Check our Resources page.

Each word is composed of letters.  Each letter has its own distinct sound.  An image of an object which begins with that letter and resembling the shape of the letter is included in this 54 card set of the alphabet. Each 5.5” x 5.5” picture was carefully chosen and matched to the letter it represents.

Our complete program:


Welcome to the world of decoding. Welcome to the Love of Learning!

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Perfect for

ESL/ELL or Intervention students!

Complete Reading Kit

Our Love of Learning program is a complete, sequential and logical approach to decoding words and being able to read everything. With our method, we imprint relative recall with our proven methodology in a unique and creative way. Beautifully hand illustrated images are combined with word cards, letter card and games to make each level of learning successful for every variety of learning strengths in your classroom

Designed for interactive teaching, each card appeals to visual, auditory and touch senses. The lessons engage the mind in creativity and the use of imagination.


Lesson 1 Rhyming Cards

Words with the same ending sounds are words that rhyme.

This set of  24 colorful 5.5” x 5.5” laminated cards is a fun and effective way of teaching words that rhyme. Use these cards for all types of games!

Lesson 2 - Syllabication

Syllables are units of pronunciation in a word. With our set of 24 brightly hand drawn 7.5 x 5.5” laminated cards you can teach all units from 1 to 5 syllables!

Lesson 3 - Segmenting and Blending

Breaking up a word into its component vowel and consonant sounds is segmenting.  Putting the sounds together to hear a word is blending.  We make it easy to teach this component of reading with 8 illustrated 5.5” x 5.5” laminated cards.

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Lessons 1 - 3

If you purchase Lessons 1-3 you will begin teaching stepping stones of becoming a word detective!


Lesson 4 - The Alphabet

Each word is composed of letters.  Each letter has its own distinct sound.  An image of an object which begins with that letter and resembling the shape of the letter is included in this 54 card set of the alphabet. Each 5.5” x 5.5” picture was carefully chosen and matched to the letter it represents.  This promotes letter-sound association.  Introduce no more than two letters at a time.  Avoid teaching any two of these letters (b, d, p, q) together to prevent  confusion with left, right or top and bottom orientations of the letters. We suggest teaching these image and letter cards along with the textured cards described below.

Lesson 4b - Sandpaper Letters

Our set of 27 7.5” x 5.5” textured letter cards invites the learner to trace the shape of the letter in the same manner that one writes the letter on paper.  Each of the letters on these cards is coated with a sandpaper varnish for a tactile experience the child will not forget. This set teaches how one writes with ones fingers without the added difficulty of holding a pencil.

Lesson 4 and 4b

Lesson 4 and 4b of our reading kit are most effective when purchased as a set. They work with each other. 

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Lessons 1 - 4b

Save $20 when you purchase the beginning package as a complete set.


Lesson 5 - Short Vowels

There are five short vowels - a (as in apple), e (as in egg),  i  (as in inch worm), o (as in on),  u (as in up). Our kit contains three sets of lessons for each short vowel and ck. You get 180 beautifully crafted cards in all!
We sound out a word shown by a picture card slowly.  We pick out the beginning, middle and final sounds and represent each sound with the letter cards provided to spell the word.  Later, we match the spelled word with a single word card. In each of these lessons we provide you 4 carefully selected 5.5” x 5.5” image cards and the corresponding word cards, but unique to our set of materials are individual letter cards for word building exercises. We also provide a game card and a solution card and even an additional words card to continue with the lesson far down the road.
Cards come to you perforated  so you can separate them when you get them.

Lesson 6 - Final and Initial Blends

Two consonants pronounced in succession are called consonant blends.  These may appear at the beginning of the word and are called initial blends. Consonant blends may also appear at the end of a word and thus are called final blends. You teach these cards the same way as you teach Lesson 5. There are 36 sets of lessons for each blend in this robust Lesson! 

Lessons 5 and 6 complete

You save $50 when you buy lessons 5 and 6 together!

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Lessons 1 - 6


With these lessons your learner will be able to move to the next step of this program effortlessly!

Lesson 7 - Long Vowels Booklets

Thus far, we have only learned the short vowel sounds of a, e, i, o, and u. Each of these letters have long vowel sounds, too.  In our Lesson 7 Long Vowel Booklets, you get six 7.5” x 5.5” laminated, spiral bound booklets walking you through 127 pages on each of the long vowel sounds. 
You can easily point with one finger on the single letter saying the long vowel sound and proceed to segment and blend the word as before. Then point with two fingers to the two letter combinations saying the long vowel sound and proceed to segment and blend as before.  The booklets are broken into vowels and include the short oo and long oo sounds.

Lesson 8 - Consonant Digraphs

The next step in our lineal program will teach the consonant digraphs. In these two booklets with over 69 pages, we will teach you how to make new sounds with letter combinations. For example, we do not say the sound of "c" nor the sound of "h." Instead we say the new sound of " ch" as in chick. We decode the words in these books using the new digraph we have learned. 

Lesson 9 - Diphthongs

Now we move on to our Lesson 9 – Diphthongs. Two vowels pronounced as one syllable is a diphthong. In this 37 page full color illustrated booklet, you point at the new diphthong sound and proceed to decode the word as before.










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Lesson 10 - R-Controlled Vowels

The vowels a, e, i, o, u paired with the letter r assume modified sounds as in (ark, fern, bird, corn, fur).  Introduce the new sound symbol and proceed to decode the word as before. 31 pages of r-controlled vowels will make it easy and fun to teach this lesson.

Lesson 11 - Silent E as long vowel marker

The letter e after a consonant modifies the short vowel before the consonant into a long vowel. In this booklet of 31 pages, you will be able to teach this lesson easily and fluidly. 

Lesson 12 - Other Sounds

The g in giraffe is pronounced with the j sound. The c in rice has the s sound. The s has the z sound in rose, nose and vase. These are some of the many other sounds that letters make. 61 brightly illustrated pages will walk you through the most common words that do not fall into the norm. 

Lesson 13, 14 and 15 - Other Sounds

We combine our lessons 13, 14 and 15 into one 21 page booklet for you to enjoy. Teach multi- syllable words ending in le, with the sound of l and  multi-syllable words ending in y, with the sound of ee.  
A double consonant after a vowel  (hopping) gives that vowel a short  vowel sound.  










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Lesson 16 - Silent Letters

In this 2 booklet lesson, we recognize that some letters in a word are silent.  We show you how to proceed to decode the word without voicing the silent letters.  56 pages will guide you through all the silent letters in our vocabulary.


Lesson 17 - Exceptions to the Rule

Our set of 6 booklets contain 127 pages of words we normally lump together as Exceptions to the Rules. With our guidelines, we will lead you to discover that even words we classify as exceptions to the rule  have rules of their own.  This  demystifies decoding these words.  Instead of casting these words aside as unreadable, we learn new sounds of two-letter combinations (ea as in bread, ea as in break)  or the sound of four-letter combinations  (tion as in lotion, sion as in mansion) and proceed to decode and blend as before.

Lessons 7 - 17 All Booklets as a set