The Story of English

With Melanie, our 16 year old, now living in Germany and studying in German, (her second language), I have a new found appreciation for the “difficulty” of the English language and all the contrary rules, spellings and pronunciations we come across so frequently. Struggling with the myriad of rules that go into decoding English vocabulary was a key motivator in taking Melanie out of public school and getting her into the local Montessori. How appropriate it was to have this now young adult as a key contributor to our reading program.

The Love Of Learning LLC Reading Program was released just in time for the Montessori Florida Coalition “ 2016 Montessori Education Days” Conference, Sponsored by the Andre and Dora McGhee Montessori Foundation and hosted by Barry University in Miami. What a fitting setting for the grand debut of our program as Barry University is where my mother, Dr. Ijya C. Tulloss launched the first Masters Program associated with Montessori and began the process of accrediting so many Montessori schools in Southern Florida.

We presented our reading program as vendors and my mom presented a workshop called “The Story of English”. I was filled with pride as her slide presentation was peppered with the beautiful illustrations of our reading program, many of the illustrations by Melanie and our good friend Stan Emmert. Also apparent was the pride my mom had in connecting with her old university and her many past students, friends and associates. So when watching this presentation by the famed Dr. Ijya C.Tulloss, keep in mind not just the story of English that is being told, but also the story of a Love Of Learning.

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