Who Am I? "I am...."

As an exercise in fluency of reading simple short vowel words, I made a list of two- and three- letter words: am, an, at, as, at, if, in, it, is, on, of, off, up, us. I used the word "am" in a sentence and hoped that my student could easily make his own sentence. To my surprise, it was not an easy task for him. I reflected on this experience and somehow arrived at a way to introduce the word "am" in many different parts of speech.

"Am" is the first person singular, present tense of the verb "be." We will use it as a linking verb, linking the subject "I" to a noun that identifies the subject. See the examples below.

"am" linked to a noun

I am a teacher.

I am a mother.

I am a pianist.

I am a dancer.

I am a writer.

I am a singer.

I am a Theosophist.

In the next set of examples, "am" is linked to an adjective that describes the subject. See the examples below.

"am" linked to an adjective

I am happy.

I am gentle.

I am careful.

I am warm and friendly.

I am thrifty.

I am patient.

I am kind.

The word "am" can be used as an auxiliary verb paired with the main verb. When the main verb ends with "ing" it denotes the progressive tense, the action is taking place. See the examples below.

"am" as an auxiliary verb

(What are you doing?)

I am cooking.

I am reading.

I am smiling.

I am listening.

I am laughing.

I am running.

I am resting.

"am" used in a simile or metaphor

I am tired like a dog.

I am as hungry as a lion on a hunt.

I am as free as a bird on a tree.

I am as colorful as a peacock fanning its tail.

I am comfortable as a fish in water.

I am as brave as a warrior in battle.

I am as rich as the Queen of Sheba.

"am" used with an adverb modifying the verb

I am walking slowly to the pond.

I am painting the wall carefully.

I am praying silently.

I am dreaming quietly.

I am watching the sunrise patiently.

I am applauding our team furiously.

I am swimming smoothly in the pool.

You can be creative in your sentences. Now you have at least five ways shown in the examples.

You can think of yourself as a ---

"queen" (linked to a noun)

"beautiful" ( linked to an adjective)

"eating" (verb, progressive form)

"as happy as a lark" ( use of simile)

"watching the sunrise attentively" (used with an adverb)


I am a queen

Fair and just

Caring and warm

As a shepherd herding her flock

Spreading joy and peace throughout the land.

You can use a formula to fill in with your own choice of words to create a poem. We can get to know you better by your descriptions of yourself, what you like to do and how you compare yourself with a common object.

your name_______________________________________

a noun you identify with I am

an adjective you describe yourself _________________________________

a simile to further describe yourself as sweet as____________________

what do you like to do _______________________________________________

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