Our Love of Learning reading kit is a self-paced,

hands-on experience in a multi-aged grouping,

beautifully crafted, developmentally appropriate material

for a thoughtful learning environment

where cooperation - not competition - is the rule.

This is one set of Lesson 5 Short e cards. You get 4 Image cards, 4 complete word cards, moveable letters to spell each of the 4 words, a matching game card, a solution card and an additional words card. We've also given you access to evaluation sheets for each of these lessons as well as books to read to cover each of these lessons. Check our Resources page.

Each word is composed of letters.  Each letter has its own distinct sound.  An image of an object which begins with that letter and resembling the shape of the letter is included in this 54 card set of the alphabet. Each 5.5” x 5.5” picture was carefully chosen and matched to the letter it represents.


Perfect for

ESL/ELL or Intervention students!

We ship worldwide

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Art immitates life. Our sweet Emma is joy in our Lesson 9 Diphthongs Booklet.

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